Precast Concrete Products

Supplying Precast Concrete Products to PNG

Precast Concrete Products

Morobe Concrete Products produces a range of pre-cast products including concrete laundry tubs, concrete manhole components, concrete troughs and concrete pit lids for water and electrical services.

Concrete Laundry Tubs

Hardwearing and long-lasting  our concrete wash tubs are perfect for Papua New Guinea conditions and are available as either a single or a double tub.

Manhole Components

Manhole components can be purchased as a complete set (which includes a manhole cover, a manhole surround and a manhole base) or as individual pieces.  This means you can simply and easily repair manholes without having to purchase the entire set.

Concrete Pit Lids

Concrete pit lids are used to protect water and electrical services installed in the ground while still allowing easy access to key services such as valves and junction boxes.  Our pit lids come in the standard sizes Pit No. 3, Pit No. 4, Pit No.6 and Pit No. 8.  If you need a nonstandard pit lid, just call us as we can pre-cast pit lids to meet your specifications.

Concrete Troughs

Our concrete troughs can be used as water troughs or feed troughs.  They are tough and easy to clean.  Morobe Concrete Products has supplied concrete troughs for piggeries and cattle feedlots throughout Papua New Guinea.

We also manufacture custom-built precast concrete products such as unusual sized concrete lids and slabs, house posts, concrete steel reinforcement supports and concrete counterweights.  Please call us to discuss your customs built requirements.


For more information on our precast concrete products contact us, or call us on (675) 475 5533 or (675) 7117 6687 and chat to one of our friendly staff.

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