Reinforced Concrete Pipes

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Reinforced Concrete Pipes

Reinforced concrete pipes are the ideal solution to many drainage problems as they are economical and durable.  They have a design life of 100 years, meaning that for most installations, the service life of reinforced concrete pipes is virtually unlimited.  Reinforced concrete pipes will outlast corrugated steel culverts by many decades.  The first known concrete pipes laid in the USA in 1842 are still in excellent condition after more 175 years of service.

The long service life of reinforced concrete pipes combined with their low maintenance requirements makes them an economical choice and excellent value for money.

Morobe Concrete Products manufactures both flush joint (FJ) and rubber ring joint (RRJ) pipes in sizes from 225mm internal diameter up to 1500mm internal diameter in lengths of 1.22m or 2.44m.  Morobe Concrete Products’ reinforced concrete pipes are available in strength Class 2, 3 and 4.

FJ pipes are recommended for use in general drainage projects while RRJ pipes are recommended for stormwater drainage and sewerage systems as they are designed to provide a watertight seal against infiltration into the system and exfiltration of sewerage into groundwater.

We can supply information and advice on the correct procedure for installing reinforced concrete pipes.  

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