Concrete Blocks

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Concrete Blocks

Morobe Concrete Products will make your next project a success by supplying concrete blocks that meet the Australian standard. Our modern, high-volume block machine ensures we can produce large quantities of concrete blocks to meet your construction schedule.

Over 50 types of concrete blocks are available in the 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm series.

Why Use Concrete Blocks?

Concrete products are popular in a wide range of building applications. Known for their efficiency, flexibility and cost effectiveness, concrete blocks  give strength and stability to structures of all types and sizes. The benefits of concrete blocks are many and include;

Reduced maintenance costs: Unlike many other construction materials concrete is not subject to corrosion, termite infestation or other forms of degradation

Durable and long lasting: Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials on Earth. Concrete blocks are strong and can stand the test of time. Concrete continues to strengthen over time which is why many ancient concrete structures are still intact.

Resistant to extreme conditions: Concrete block constructions are far less likely to suffer damage in the event of fire and extreme weather conditions such as storms, floods & high winds.

Environment friendly: The raw materials used to produce concrete blocks are sustainable and recyclable and they use less energy to produce than comparable building materials.

Thermal and sound insulation: A well built, concrete structure is virtually soundproof. Concrete blocks  also insulate against cold and heat and use less energy to maintain comfortable temperatures.

For full details, see our Concrete Block & Paver Range information sheet (below), contact us, or call us on (675) 475 5533 or (675) 7117 6687 and chat to one of our friendly staff.


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